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From dif- (“apart”) & fero (“carry, bear”).
(intransitive) I am different, differ, vary.

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Anthony rowe

I am a photographer living and working in East Devon
I was inspired at an early age by my grandfather. I can remember seeing the black and white photos that he had taken of the steam trains and architecture around Birmingham where he lived and worked as a train driver. Back then owning your own camera was a rare thing.I think that it was on my sixth birthday that I got my first camera, an Olympus trip or something similar. I started off by photographing the family and the pet dog, as well as our family holidays to Cornwall. I suppose that was when my photographic journey started. I joined the school camera club and learnt how to use a S.L.R camera as well as venturing into the darkroom. I remember the excitement of seeing your image appear right before your eyes. A thing that is missed these days with the arrival of the digital camera I completed my City and Guilds in black and white photography and brought my first S.L.R camera (a Practica ML5 I think?) These days I shoot with a full frame Canon and use professional lens. I have gone on to gain a diploma in photography and learnt the new skills on using digital cameras. Recently I have completed my City and Guilds in advanced studio portrait and wedding photography along with an NIAT Advanced Certificate in digital photography manipulation. I edit my work with the latest Photoshop and lightroom applications. I am a member of the Bureau of Freelance photographers and the Royal Photographic society. I am at present working towards gaining my LRPS (Licentiateship of The RPS). As a photographer you learn the skill of observation, you see an image where perhaps someone else just walked past and then it is gone forever. You never stop learning. There is always a different way to photograph something and you often see the same scene or subject in a different way when you go back to it.
Anthony Rowe..

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